Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sun Valley to Grand Targhee, Alta Wyoming

We departed Sun Valley with overcast skies casting a soft blue hue across the landscape.  The ethereal quality of light simply added intrigue to the vast Craters of the Moon lava desert that we crossed in Idaho. 

The isolation and lack of signs of human life for miles felt as if we had been transported to a different planet.  The sporadic farm equipment appeared more like lunar equipment as they sat in snowcovered fields surrounding by lava structures molten for life. 

 Eventually, the beauty of the vastness overwhelmed me and I couldn't leave the fields until I had actually touched, and ,yes, kept a couple small pieces of lava to take home with me.  After passing the well guarded National Lab of Energy and Nuclear site, I did take a peek in the back of the car to make sure the rocks were not glowing; they were not I am happy to report.

The road diverted us through a few small towns, jarring us back to this world as we entered into Idaho Falls and its mutliple cattle, horse, and potato farms, never dropping lower than 4700 ft in elevation.  For the next hour we climbed and dropped into valley after valley with amazing vistas of the landscape. 

Eventually, we climbed to 6800 ft to Alta, Wyoming where we will settle for the next few days. With the amount of snow and the pass to Grand Targhee, we most likely will not be traveling into the town of Driggs to scout out the scene.  It appears that the snow is not done falling in the Tetons.  Within hours of our arrival, we learned of a snow storm moving in for the night promising to bring about a half of a foot of new snow accompanied with 35 mile hour winds.  Tomorrow morning will be a surprise to say the least. The extended forecast continues to show snow in our future.  We can only hope that the pass over the Tetons to Jackson Hole is navigable by Sunday.

If you are interested to read about the Craters of the Moon National Park and the area's history it will be worth the effort, especially after taking the trip with us below


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