Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Last Days in Sun Valley, ID

Alpine Kerry?

Inspired by all the historic photos in the Sun Valley Lodge, I thought I might try out for the 75th Anniversary celebration poster. What do you think?   LOL..A. Paul & I couldn't resist the temptation of the cutouts as we walked the Sun Valley Village on our last day here.

River Run Lodge
The past two days, the sun battled cloudy skies but still offered up pleasant days of skiing.   The trails were not too crowded at this time of year and the temperatures relatively mild. At the River Run Lodge, which is absolutely beautiful and accommodating to its skiers' every need,  we met many people from all walks of life who call Sun Valley home in the winter; some as far as way as our neck of the woods on the Cape.

James Cook artwork
Gail Severn Gallery
 Each day after skiing, A. Paul & I continued visiting the galleries in Ketchum.  We were so impressed with the level and quality of art we viewed in the galleries. Yesterday's visit to the Gail Severn Gallery left me with gallery envy as the space was fully built by the owner for gallery specific activities. The special roll up exterior wall permits the gallery to move pieces into the space using a forklift, a job that Gail states she enjoys doing herself with extra hands for guiding the placement of the artwork.
 It is at Gail's gallery that A. Paul & I discovered the textured and vibrant works of James Cook and mixed media on paper of Allison Stewart  

Around the corner from the Gail Severn Gallery is the Sun Valley Center for the Arts.  The Center focuses on both visual and performing arts.   The main gallery of the Center exhibits contemporary artwork that is steeped in history and/or is revelant or of interest to the community.  In speaking with Kristine Bretall, Marketing Director for the Center, the Center works closely with the school system and sponsors  a lecture and performance arts series. At the time of our visit, the Center was gearing up for visiting lecturer Ari Fleischer at a local venue and De Temps Antan at the Sun Valley Opera House.  The main gallery exhibit was visually jarring with a large skeletal installation hanging admist mixed media artwork for the "Creatures: From Bigfoot to Yeti Crab" show.  
"The Summer Day is Done" 
Mike Stilkey

  At our last gallery visit of the day, the Gilman Contemporary Gallery, gallery owner L'Anne Gilman was setting up the gallery for the coming Friday Artwalk.  Several pieces by artist Mike Stilkey were being carefully placed along and on the walls. Stilkey's masterpiece works are created from stacks of used books carefully arranged by size then drilled and attached  in stacks of 10 books.  Each stack is then placed in a pattern then finally the exterior surface is painted with Stilkey's imagery.   Also on view were artist Ashley Collins resin and mixed media pieces.  The illustrated subjects in her work balance the negative texured spaces in her artwork and the result is dynamic. 

Work by Ashley Collins

Alas, we must bid farewell to Sun Valley tomorrow morning as we head towards Alta,Wyoming, where we will stay until Sunday.   Until tomorrow, I leave you with images of the twon of Ketchum, ski shots, gallery artwork and two closing images of the Kennedy's on vacation in Sun Valley which grace the historic Sun Valley Lodge.


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