Monday, March 7, 2011

Sun Valley & Ketchum Galleries

Sun Valley & Ketchum Galleries

Sun Valley Inn
Can you see the chair lift behind
the station?  We couldn't either!
No, it is not your eyes, it really is (was) snowing in Sun Valley today.  The snow made for white out conditions on the slopes but A. Paul & I braved it anyway and went for a few runs.  The skiing for us was short but sweet and left us invigorated for some gallery hopping.

"Face, 2006" Rein De Lege
Gallery Denovo
The art scene in Ketchum, though small, is a sophisticated one.  A few of the galleries we visited, Gallery DeNovo, Broschofsky Gallery, and Friesen Gallery, were all readying their spaces for new exhibits for openings for this coming Friday's Art Walk. The artists' works for the new exhibits include internationally renown artists Rein De Lege & Yehouda Chaki at Gallery DeNovo, and Trinh Nguyen at the Friesen Gallery 

"Paard, 6a" by Jan Grotenbreg

At the Broschofsky Gallery, A. Paul & I were drawn to the textured works of  Dutch born painter Jan Grotenbreg  and wild life artist Mary Roberson  These too will be temporarily taken down to accomodate a new exhibit.  We considered ourselves fortunate to have seen these works before they are removed.

"If I had a Choice" Mary Roberson

At the Saddletree Gallery, we met owner photographer Jerry Hadam whose gallery exhibits original paintings alongside  his beautiful photographic prints. 

Tomorrow, we hope that the sun part of sun valley will appear and light up the slopes.  If not, we will still brave the elements and get in a few runs before heading off to explore more galleries and the Sun Valley Center for the Arts.

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