Monday, March 28, 2011

Drive from Boston to Provincetown


A. Paul & I headed back to the Cape late afternoon after taking care of some business in Boston.  The late day sun created deep shadows amidst the city's buildings and spectacular illusions with the blanket of clouds in the west.

As we drew closer to the Cape, the familiar landscape, bridges, and light of the sky created a warm welcoming feeling for our return home.  The sun was setting as we passed through Wellfleet, capturing a spectacular show of color reflecting off the water. 

We rolled into Provincetown just as the last light of the sky was reflecting across the Cape Cod Bay with the town's skyline in the background. The lights of the Pilgrim Monument acted as a beacon across the familiar landscape.

Tomorrow, I will share my last closing thoughts and provide some information on the Art in Provincetown, the oldest continuous art colony in the country, in an effort to share our small part of paradise to those who shared yours with us.

 I leave you this evening with images of our drive and the beautiful color we experienced during our ride to Provincetown, MA


Good Morning from Boston

Thank you to those of you who have sent messages acknowledging the approaching end to the Art Tour Across America. 

Please look for one or two more posts--Art in Provincetown and conclusion remarks and images that close our tour.  We thank those who have gone the distance with us on our travels; your comments are and were so appreciated as it kept us feeling as if our friends were traveling with us.

Have a wonderful day and hope you will take some time to check in with the blog later.