Friday, March 11, 2011

Day at Grand Targhee, Teton Mountains Wyoming

The expected snowstorm ended up only adding a few inches to the ski basin so A. Paul & I took to the slopes with the sun dancing in & out of the clouds.  The runs were fabulous on the mountain and the sun finally won over the clouds, casting sunshine over the entire Grand Targhee area.  We were not alone in our enjoyment of the mountain.  The parking lot filled with skiers but with the open terrains on the mountain it easily handled the number of skiers.

On the trails, the shadows of the tree boughs against the snow created lacelike patterns that were hard to ignore.  Even the birds came out to enjoy the beauty of the day adding their own beauty for our viewing.

After a pleasant day of skiing, A. Paul ducked into the Teewinot Lodge to warm up and enjoy the company of other skiers doing the same.  I took off to enjoy a small walk outside, always looking for signs of wildlife.  (The signs warning to be aware of bears and big game crossing signs on our way to Grand Targhee were a lure for me)  Unfortunately (or fortunately whichever way you want to look at it) I did not see any big game so I snuck back to the lodge to catch up with A. Paul and his conversation companion Jack.

Tonight, the mountain expects another small snowstorm but with luck we will end up with another beautiful day as it was today. Sunday, weather permitting, we head to Jackson Hole for a quick spin to the galleries then onto Utah and Colorado as we slowly make our way back home.

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