Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Portage, Indiana to Jamestown, NY

DRIVE from Portage, Indiana to Jamestown, NY

A. Paul & I continued our drive through bucolic landscapes across Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and into New York.  At times, barns sat high on rolling hills, and other times amidst flat, vast fields. 

As we approached Cleveland, Ohio,  located along Lake Erie, the transition to growing congestion on the roadway and a fog cloaked skyline was jarring to the serenity of the past few days and our morning drive. The rain, which we finally caught up to, simply added a mystical quality to the flat light draped over the scenery.  Rain turned to snow as we approached New York just as the day's light was growing dim.  With the safety of the growing dark, herds of deer could be spotted in the far away hillside, taking advantage of the melting snow running through the fields.

With the last of the light of the day, we arrived into Jamestown, NY, home to lumber mills, Chautauqua Lake and several local museums,  one of which depicts the life of Lucille Ball, native of Jamestown  Should you plan a trip this way, another museum of  interest in Jamestown is the Fenton History Center   

The Prendergast Library, named after Jamestown;s founding family, is also of interest as it acts as one of the town' venues for art display and houses an extensive group of literature on the area.

Tomorrow, the snow is expected to stay with us as we continue our drive onto Saratoga Springs, NY and then onto Boston on Sunday. Until tomorrow's post, I hope that you enjoy our drive of the day.


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