Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Farms & Barns: Lincoln, Nebraska to Portage, Indiana


The day truly was a day of farms and barns with the exception of brief excursions around the bigger cities, such as Davenport.

A. Paul & I left Lincoln under gray skies and a forecast of thunderstorms & lightening.  The rain never materialized but the sky remained gray most of our drive with an occasional appearance of the sun casting light across the many freshly tilled fields of Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and finally Indiana.  As we drove past the many farms, it was impossible not to be captivated by the new and rustic barns that dotted the landscape; each with its own personality and unspoken history. Seeing all the tilled fields, it was easy to develop an appreciation for the farmers that dedicate their lives to the land and its way of life.

Upon our evening arrival in Portage, Indiana, we picked up literature on Northern Indiana's art scene which we will make sure to put on our next trip list.  It is unfortunate that these next days will be dedicated to driving but we will still attempt to share what we discover about arts in the areas in which we drive.

Northern Indiana's Art & Earth Trail encompasses  seven loops incorporating areas from Lake Michigan and the Indiana Dunes to inland lakes, past Notre Dame, and the Amish countryside.  You can visit the published guide to the arts across Northern Indiana at http://www.artandearthtrail.com/ .  It has been shared by one of our blog followers, who is also an artist, that Carmel, Indiana also has a strong dedication to the arts and is considered the premier Mid West Arts & Design destination.  You can find out more on the arts scene in Carmel at http://carmelartsanddesign.com/  

Tomorrow we continue our drive to Erie, PA.  Until then, I leave you with our farm & barn slideshow.


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Gordon Peabody said...

We were a nation of farmers and now have left footprints as a nation of barns. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary vision with us!