Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Portland to Seattle



leaving Portland

entering Washington

A. Paul & I set out today for Seattle.  We knew that there was a storm slamming the northwest coast so we opted to head directly up Highway 5 via Olympia to our destination.   As we set out, the rain was already falling in Portland,  still we took a last spin around the city before heading out. 

The rain stayed with us most of the drive giving us a few glorious respites with teasers of blue sky once we passed over the interstate bridge spanning the Columbia River.  An occasional cascading waterfall added to the vistas along the highway.

Just outside of Olympia, the rain came full strength accompanied by hail then cleared just long enough for us to stop for lunch and make a quick tour of the state capitol square. 
State Capitol Olympia, WA

Seattle Skyline

As we rolled into Seattle, the skyscapers illuminated the skyline against a clear sky.  Once we settled in, A. Paul & I took a stroll down to the waterfront, enjoying the lights of the city.  Tomorrow, we head out to Pikes Market and explore the galleries in historic Pioneer Square.

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