Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lincoln City to Portland, Oregon


Lincoln City, OR

The strong gale winds throughout the night gave way this morning to tumultuous waves crashing along the coastline in Lincoln City, Oregon.   As A. Paul and I pulled away from Lincoln City,  the gray somber sky and rain followed us the entire drive up the northwest coast to Cannon Beach.  At times the rain drenched landscapes were eerily moody and other times serene.

Michael Tieman & Kerry at
Haystack Gallery
When we pulled into Cannon Beach, we visited with bronze artist Michael Tieman at the Haystack Gallery, who gently suggested that we might want to continue on our drive as early as possible if we were heading to Portland as the tunnel over the pass was scheduled to close early and there was an expected snowstorm on its way. 

M. Tieman bronze
We took a quick look in the gallery and took Michael's advice and moved on, as it turned out just in the nick of time.  As we began heading east, the trees became cloaked in mist and then the snow began and it didn't stop until we were just outside of Portland, where the snow finally changed over to rain.  It was a slow but visual journey but we are both glad that we are tucked in safely in Portland.  Tomorrow, we head to the Portland Museum of Art and to explore the diverse districts of the city.

As an aside note, we definitely would place Cannon Beach on a future visit list as the town is exceptionally quaint and ideally located along the coast.  The town strongly supports its art venues, with most of the galleries being members of the Cannon Beach Gallery Group.  You can view these galleries and events calendar at  http://www.cbgallerygroup.com/

A quick congratulatory note to our Cortile Gallery artists who have been hard at work in our absence.  Several of our gallery artists were selected in the juried member show and the white line print exhibit  currently showing at the PAAM Museum.  http://www.paam.org/   Congratulations to you all.


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