Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Drive to Solitude Mountain, Utah

The weather was perfect for A. Paul 's & my drive through Big Cottonwood Canyon to Solitude Mountain.  Along the way, the mountain began showing the signs of spring as streams flowed between the layers of snow, sports enthusiasts took to the road, and  exposed rock formations spilled to the road.  It was a picturesque drive and a visual display of the changing season for Utahns.

Even though the mountain was clearly in a state of emergence, there was still plenty of snow at Solitude. The skiing was fabulous with the snow soft under foot on this 50 degree day.  A. Paul & I enjoyed the sunshine, taking time to catch a few rays on the chairlifts.  

The warming weather is a reminder that our trip is rapidly coming to a close as we soon head home to gear up for our gallery season.  We have had such a great time and have experienced so many memorable events and met extraordinary individuals along the way. 

Tomorrow, we plan to enjoy our remaining day in Utah exploring the Museum of Fine Art in Salt Lake City before heading to Telluride, CO on Thursday. 

We continue to enjoy ourselves on our trip but I cannot close tonight's blog without commenting that we are not immune to the current affairs of Japan. The sadness over the losses of so many is in our hearts as I am sure it is for our readers.


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