Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today was an incredible day.  A. Paul & I took off mid morning for a very long drive to Amarillo, Texas via Dallas.  Our day began with a sunny, clear-sky day of 55 degrees but as the day wore on we finally caught up with the expected winter storm ahead of us; it gave us a ferocious welcome.  At times, we completely had to stop on the highway as visibility dropped to zero.   Our 55 degrees quickly plummeted to below zero with windchills at -22 degrees.  We drove through the blizzard for an hour and half, finally reaching our destination safe & sound thanks to A. Paul's careful driving.  As I reflect upon the drive today it was truly remarkable.  We enjoyed rolling hills, flat endless plains, ranches, cattle, horses, trains, and spectacular sky shows.  As the sun began to set in the West, the stormy sky appeared to smother the sunset, leaving the smallest slither of light.  When the winds began, the car felt as if it could fly away; the freshly tilled fields blowing dirt and tumbleweeds across the road. There are so many images to ponder and dream about this night.  As I tuck myself in for the evening, I leave you with a slideshow of the pictures from our drive, hoping that you will feel as if you traveled alongside us.  Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will head out to Santa Fe via Albuquerque. 

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