Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time to Travel

It's 7:00 am in the morning the first official road day of the Art Tour Across America. Excitement is building so is a bit of anxiety as I hear the snow plows scraping the roads outside my window. Mother Nature is offering her first challenge of undoubtedly many on a road trip of this magnitude. I have confidence, however, that A. Paul and I are up to the challenge. First stop will be Beacon, NY, as stated in the previous post, given we manage our way through the winter storm that is intent on traveling with us. Our final day's end destination is Philadelphia, via brief stops in Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA. We will spend 3 nights in Philly, then onward to Milleville, NJ, a small glass art community, Cape May, NJ to explore its Victorian architecture, cross the Delaware (make way George), finally landing in Easton, MD, a small historic theater town outside of Washington, DC.

Please check back on the blog to read about our days findings and to view photo images. Feel free to join the tour and add your suggestions of venues we should include in our travels in areas that you have previously visited or have lived.

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